Working in entrepreneurship the last 8 years and participating in 5 early stage technology startups ranging between 10 - 120 employees has exposed me to a variety of experiences. As a result I’ve accumulated a diverse skill and vast network. All of this together gives me the ability to help people in a variety of ways such as the below:

  1. Industry Expertise —>>>> Video, Video Conferencing, Web Apps, E-commerce, Ed-Tech, Ad-Tech, CPG, Retail, Food-Tech, Sustainability, Transportation

2. Fundraising —>>>> Investor Introductions, Capital Structure, Strategy, Valuation

3. Presentations —>>>> Creation, Talk Track, Delivery, Public Speaking

4. Sales —>>>> Cold-calling, Full-funnel, Team Structure, Channel, Distributor, Reseller, Business Development, Retail, Wholesale, CRM

5. Marketing —>>>> Social, Email, Automation, Brand, Messaging, Influencer, Viral, Growth Hacking, Partnerships

6. Networking —>>>> Connecting, Connecting and MORE Connecting To a High Quality Rolodex

7. Leadership —>>>> Motivational speaking, Team-building, Charisma

8. Mindfulness Training —>>>> Meditation, Yoga, Mediation

9. Lean Startup —>>>> Product Market Fit, Build-Measure-Learn, Customer Development, Experimentation, Assembling a Team